On a recent trip back to NZ CJ's father unearthed an old projector and hundreds of photos taken by his father which were converted to slides. The photos were of the Dore family holidays to Glendhu Bay on Lake Wanaka in the South Island of NZ. These photos were taken throughout the late 50’s and 60’s. These photos were his Grandad's photojournalistic account of the life and times of  his family.

In some of the photos were shots of my Grandad. CJ asked his father who took the photos of Grandad? He said he did. As a result of this introduction to photography CJ's Dad bought a long lens and started taking black and white surfing shots around the East coast of the South Island of NZ.

Cj's first attempt at ‘Life’ photography was in Auckland in 1997 when he borrowed his flatmate’s SLR and spent the day walking up and down Queen St in Auckland anonymously photographing people going about their daily life.

He continued this style of photography on a non-commercial hobbyist basis before moving to Australia in 2005. At that point he began realism painting and drawing and soon started shooting commercial videos as well. Through a friend he was contracted to shoot at fashion week on the Gold Coast which included the runway shows and some behind the scenes.

From there one of the designers asked him to shoot a series documenting the development of a collection from the beginning of the design process including the fittings, and official photoshoot for the campaign. This series extended to flying to Miami, Florida for the launch of the collection at a runway show.

This project focuses on a Fashion/Feminine style which lead to the collection in which FINEPRINT co is representing.

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