Goompi Ugerabah

Goompi is a proud tribal man whose ancestors are originally from Gurreng Gurreng people near Maryborough QLD. After settlement his great-great-grandmother was forced to move to the Ngnarangwal tribal area (Gold Coast) and Minjungbal tribal area (Tweed Heads), where Goompi and the last few generations of his family were born and bred. Goompi has been painting since 2002, and shows great talent. Using a restrained colour palette and eye-catching graphic designs, Goompi is able to create exciting and engaging works of art.

His artworks are investment pieces and his black and white style has been tagged as a “corporate style art”.

Goompi has travelled to France and America to exhibit his artworks and to showcase his cultural dances with his group, Bundjalung Kunjiel. Some of Goompi’s art admirers, who now own pieces of his artworks include The Princess, Benedicta of Denmark and The C.I.A in America, which both also witnessed the tribal dances of his troupe.

He has exhibited widely in South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales area and now in galleries around the world. Goompi’s driving force which he quoted is “I want to do my best to show our culture to the world and also teach our young to keep traditions alive as our culture that our ancestors practiced and lived is who we really are and that gives us our true identity.”

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