Michael Davis

Michael Davis’ paintings and timber screens are inspired mostly by Australian landscapes. They are reminiscent of countryside sceneries explored during car journeys or inspired by satellite aerial views. In recent paintings we glimpsed the rivers or landscapes through a swirl of blowing gum leaves across the canvas. Disparate objects whirling around in a beautiful cacophony of delicate floral colours.

We see them picked up by a sudden gust of wind and watch as they blow delicately but with purpose along on their journey. The motion and movement they create remind us longingly of the fresh air and breath of nature. Likewise Davies continues his treatment of the landscape as a mythical creature, a forest murmuring thoughts and messages as if it is talking to the viewer.

‘Black Forest’ (May 12-28, 2017) is Michael Davis’ latest solo exhibition. In ‘Black Forest’ and experience as a translation of space. For Davis, the forest takes on the aura of a psychological thriller, a good story evolving around the connected roots, environmental nuances and conversations of the Forest.

“These paintings, like a lot of my recent work, are imagined, constructed landscapes. A remembered image of drives and walks in the countryside, the experience of being alone in a forest either in a car or on foot. Something is watching, a presence is felt, the forest is a place to disappear”.

Private collections include works exhibited in the VIP Gaming room in the Star, Sydney and Jupiter’s private suites, Gold Coast.

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