NEW Super-Size Slim Aarons Prints Now Available

NEW Super-Size Slim Aarons Prints Now Available

Slim Aarons was born on the east coast of America on October 29, 1916, and passed on May 29,
2006. Slim Aarons made a name for himself as a freelance photographer who was well-known for
his portraits of the rich and famous. These images are now available in the new Super-Size Slim
Aarons range.

Born George Allen Aarons, ‘Slim’ spent much of his youth in New Hampshire and New York, before
joining the army during World War II. He became a combat photographer and was awarded the
Purple Heart. This is where his photography career began.
After leaving the army, he began working as a freelance photographer, and got noticed by leading
magazines like Life, Holiday, Harper’s Bazaar and Town & Country. This gave Aarons the chance to
document the jet-set lifestyle of Hollywood stars, American and European socialites, and other
celebrated figures. His approach was simple; using no make-up artists or artificial lights, he let the
natural opulence of his subjects and their surroundings illuminate his lens.
Typical scenes from Aaron’s photography take place in the sun, and in front of a pool surrounded by
bathing beauties at palatial Malibu mansions, at society events, and on lush European beaches.
Therefore, by winning the trust of celebrities he managed to capture the likes of Gary Cooper, Mick
Jagger, and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis in private moments. His body of work evokes the glamour
and grace of mid-century America, depicting what he often said were “attractive people doing
attractive things in attractive places”. Aarons work represents an essential and iconic time-capsule
of a bygone era.

In celebration of this, FINEPRINT co in conjunction with our partner GETTY Images, is proud to
announce the release of our new addition to our exclusive Slim Aarons Collection. Our new Super-
Size Slim Aarons Canvases are oversized and are individually tested and printed in the Getty Images
archive darkroom on commercial grade canvas. They are then airfreighted from the Getty Gallery in
the UK to our Headquarters in Burleigh , Queensland where they are unwrapped and placed into
production to be framed and finished at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.
Coupled with the vast experience of our framers our facility has the capacity to facilitate large
commercial jobs (Hotels and aged Care facilities) through to the fine art works such as the Slim
Aarons range that require a High level of precision and skill. Our facility boasts the most up to date
and sophisticated framing machinery ensuring the highest quality standards.
The NEW Super-Sizes are :
H: Size 1300 x1300 Square
I: Size 1220 x 1830 Portrait/Landscape
I: Size 1524 x 1524 Square

These canvases at this scale provide such a vibrant and prolific presence in any given space. They
resonate the coolness of a by-gone era and have such wide appeal from Interior Designers, that will
love the texture and unique nature having this timeless imagery presented in this context - providing
a point of difference for there respective and potential clients through to the DIY renovating their
home wanting to bring some Nostalgia, Character and colour into their Lives.!

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