Kara Napangardi Ross

Kara Napangardi Ross was born in 1984 and spent her entire life in Yuendumu a remote Aboriginal community located 290 km north-west of Alice Springs in the NT of Australia.

Kara attended the local school before studying at Yirara College in Alice Springs and then at Kormilda College in Darwin. After finishing school, she returned to Yuendumu and married. She has two children, a little girl Angie and a boy Terrence.

Kara has been painting since 2002, often under the influence of her grandfather Jack Jakamarra Ross who is one of the founding artists in the region. She would sit with him and watch him paint his dreaming stories which have been passed down to her. They include the Pamapardu (Flying Ant Dreaming) and Janganpa (Native Possum Dreaming). Kara also often goes out hunting for traditional foods with her extended family members in the country around Yuendumu.