Artist | Keira Wolf

Keira Wolf is a self-taught Australian artist based on the Gold Coast, who has been painting since early childhood. Formerly a cinemagraphic makeup artist, Keira has now traded in her make up brushes for paint brushes.

Born into a creative family with a strong connection to the Hawaiian culture, Keira has been able to use her cultural upbringing and experiences to inspire and guide her through her many forms of artistic expression.

Whilst growing up Keira frequently visited her family in Hawaii where she would collaboratively create art with her grandmother, who was an avid crafter and artist. Drawing inspiration from the volcanic mountains and turbulent oceans but most importantly each other.

Experimenting with various mediums has always been an important practice in Keira’s life. With a thirst for colour and form, Keira uses acrylics, spray paints, oil sticks, pastels and pen to create emotive and vivid pieces balancing bold design and fine detail.

“My goal when painting is always to create something that sparks emotion. Whether I am painting for me or someone else, art is pointless without feeling. As a very active and highly vivid dreamer, I love to use my art as an extension of my brain. If I can get some of what dances in my head onto a canvas, and then that sparks something in someone else… that makes me very happy.”

Keira draws inspiration from diverse elements in the creation of her work. Her love of the organic form found in nature and the environment, juxtaposed with man-made forms found in mid-century design and the history of an urban environment revealing layers of times gone by peppered with weathered music posters that line the city streets.

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