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A little bit later

A little bit later


By James Ainslie

Limited Editions Collection

A little bit later is an exclusive James Ainslie print only available from FINEPRINT co. 

James Ainslie’s preferred palette is acrylic paint on paper, with the occasional use of mixed media.

His forte is modern realism, although he also produces abstract art.
Ainslie’s paintings resonate with an inherent passion for the country’s unique beauty, particularly the sandy dunes and reflective waters of Queensland and South Australia.

Limited Editions

Due to the nature of limited editions we can not give exact sizing for every print. Our general rule is to add 200mm to both sides of the print. Please call or email for exact sizes. 


FINEPRINT co uses only the highest qaulity art and framing supplies. We are also a Hahnemühle certified Studio with excellence in fine art, digital art and photographic reproduction.


We offer our own personal courrier for large peices to ensure that your piece arrives in perfect condition. Our team will also consider your artworks’ unique features to foresee any installation challenges.

Wide Range of Artists

FINEPRINT co boast a huge range of talented and award winning artist and photographers. Each qaurter we release a new range of prints so there is always a new selection available.