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By Slim Aarons

Slim Aarons Collection
SKU: 3248114

circa 1955: A couple outside Cavanagh's restaurant in Boston, Massachusetts.

Slim Aarons prints are sourced from the original negative by Getty Images Gallery, London. They are made using traditional Fuji Crystal Archival Matt Photographic Paper with colour C-Type Lambda. Slim Aaron's prints can take approximately 4 weeks to order and frame if we currently do not have it in stock.

FINEPRINT co offers premium quality photographic prints from the Slim Aarons Archive, owned and housed by Getty Images. All photographs are printed and authorised by the Getty Images Gallery, London.

Slim Aarons Framed & Unframed Sizing

Portrait & Landscape - Photographic Paper
Size Print Only  Framed Print
G  1016 x 1525 1250 x1740
F 762 x 1016 930 x 1250
E 508 x 762 770 x 1010
D 508 x 610 770 x 890
C 406 x 508  680 x 780
B 305 x 406 610 x 710
Sqaure - Photographic Paper
Size Print Only  Framed Print
G  1016 x 1016 1280 x 1280
F 762 x 762 1030 x 1030
E 610 x 610 880 x 880
D 508 x 508 770 x 770
C 406 x 406  670 x 670
B 305 x 305 565 x 565


FINEPRINT co uses only the highest qaulity art and framing supplies. We are also a Hahnemühle certified Studio with excellence in fine art, digital art and photographic reproduction.


We offer our own personal courrier for large peices to ensure that your piece arrives in perfect condition. Our team will also consider your artworks’ unique features to foresee any installation challenges.

Wide Range of Artists

FINEPRINT co boast a huge range of talented and award winning artist and photographers. Each qaurter we release a new range of prints so there is always a new selection available.