Artist | Adam Fine

Adam Fine is a multidisciplinary artist with over two decades of global acclaim having distinguished himself as an award-winning Art Director and Creative Director for luxury brands such as Maserati, Lexus, Google, and LVMH exploring the intersection between human behaviour and creativity technology.

His illustrious career, marked by famed collaborations with the iconic Academy Awards, WWF and Amnesty International, is enriched by diverse experiences across cities he’s worked and lived in such as Montreal, Buenos Aires, Los Angeles, New York, and Sydney.

With an astute commercial sensibility, Adam seamlessly weaves cultural richness into his work, juxtaposing timeless elements with contemporary technological advancements in the world we live. His distinctive commercially tuned work seamlessly merges classic elements of nature and culture with cutting-edge technology, resulting in distinctive, high-end limited edition collections that graces environments and patrons with statement-style sophistication.