Tell us about yourself?

I started painting in 2010, initially creating for colleagues. Since they loved them, they asked for more so I kept creating. For around 20 years I did a non-creative job for stability, so I was so glad I could now do it full time once I retired. I have now had to take over the garage and this is now all my own space.

Where do you live?

In Victoria, near the Yarra River in Warrandyte, Park Orchards. 

Please, tell us more about your style(s)?

I create in two distinct styles but they’re all interchangeable in each one. Starting with a colour palette, then I decide what type I’m creating. My fluid style is created horizontally and my acrylic style is done on easel. However, some of the acrylic style is dried flat and then put back on the easel since the paint is so fluid.


Rose Skies AE-SL-012

What are you trying to say/depict in your artworks?

My artwork is abstract landscapes, the sky being an essence of a landscape. You can look down onto it, through it or up to it. They are both micro and macro. There is a lot to look at, lots of texture and elements. They have multiple layers so people are always finding new things in the artwork. 

What/who are you influenced by?

Fluid art was in vogue and how I started but I have now moved on to my acrylic style. Not specifically influenced by any masters but more inspired by my inner voice. Which is why I mostly paint inside to focus, rather than en plein air.

Please, explain your transition from fluid to the style you’re doing now?

I worked with a lot of jade colours, bold/bright colours. Then I went monochromatic. Both styles use fluid art processes, just done in different ways.

Why do you create?

I believe you’ve just got to do the things that make you happy and get it out. It’s almost meditative for me. Often I’ll paint for a few hours, then go into the garden (which I also love to do) and after that come back to paint more. 

How do you achieve the texture?

I start with molding & texture paste and then paint over the top building up the different layers. I use both Acrylic and Acrylic Ink in her works. Acrylic ink is thinner and translucent but you see the colour for depth. Some have 3, others may have 6 layers, which gives them all very different looks.


Can the orientation be changed?

Absolutely, it can be changed to whatever resonates with the client. I’m more than happy for either and often that flexibility in direction can mean the artwork takes on a completely different feel. I’ve also done commissions which are 2.5 x 1.5 metres, so I can also go bigger with my works.



September 08, 2022 — Leanne Pearce