Artist | Sharmain Lowe

Sharmain Lowe, is an abstract artist born and raised in the picturesque Yarra Valley, near Warburton in Victoria. 
In her late teens Sharmain started her own business designing and creating exclusive one-off knitwear, combining machine and hand knitting before raising a family.
In 2010, Sharmain dedicated herself to her passion of creative arts, discovering a love of abstract painting which has been her focus ever since.  Working on large scale paintings using acrylic paint and inks, Sharmain loves creating a visual balance for the viewer with delicate movement and detail.
Now living in Melbourne, she is inspired by nature and her great love of textiles, interweaving elements of texture and interior design in her timeless works.
Sharmain has exhibited in multiple art shows, and in 2019 one of Sharmain’s paintings was used as inspiration for high-end Australian fashion brand Nikol and Sole.