Artist | Claudia Hollister

Based in Portland, Oregon, Claudia embodies the detailed eye of a sculptor and the exact precision of a jeweller, cultivating her ability to create visual moments of joy. She’s mastered the alchemy of cyanotype prints to express her perspective, teasing out embedded details in flowers from her home garden. She brings several facets of her past to her print work. Claudia is a Sculptor, Painter, Porcelain artist, and Jeweller and previously has designed for museums, corporations, and art consultants. Additionally, her art has been shown in galleries throughout the USA.

In 2008 she decided to pursue her dream of learning to paint in encaustic. By 2012, Claudia was teaching encaustic painting at Pacific Northwest College of Art. During this time, intrigued with the process of printing images in the sun without harmful chemicals, Claudia started incorporating cyanotypes into the backgrounds of her paintings.