Raised in the Pacific Northwest of United States of America, Claudia has always been a witness to extraordinary natural beauty. Snowcapped mountains, flowing rivers, tall trees, barren deserts, fields of flowers, and the rugged coast has provided constant inspiration for her art. Her surroundings and love of gardening nurture her artful expressions.

Claudia embodies the detailed eye of a sculptor and the exact precision of a jeweler, cultivating her ability to create visual moments of joy. She’s mastered the alchemy of cyanotype prints to express her perspective, teasing out embedded details in flowers from her home garden.



Claudia’s images are created using the historic cyanotype photographic printing process that creates Prussian blue prints using coated paper and light. The cyanotype process was discovered by scientist and astronomer Sir John Herschel in 1842 who used the process to reproduce diagrams. Architects and engineers later picked up the process to produce copies of architectural drawings, which is where the term “blueprint” comes from.

Shortly after Herschel developed the cyanotype process, his botanist friend and photographer Anna Atkins, explored the process for illustrating plant specimens. Her detailed cyanotypes of her specimens led her to be considered the first female photographer.

Claudia’s process blends alchemy, nature, technology, artistic license, and pure timing. The beauty of her cyanotypes is further enhanced by printing on Japanese Sekishu paper.


Whimsical  SKU: AE-CH-019 



"My luminescent still life paintings focus on the vessel as a voluptuous form. The contours, of the vessel, are sculpted, by carving back and shaping the many layers. They are compositionally influenced by Asian, Classical and Modern Design, with the intention to evoke a sense of place."

As our lives have changed, during the COVID-19 lockdown, I took on a #100dayproject on Instagram.The challenge, create and post a piece of art a day for 100 days. This became the seed for Garden Cyanotype prints.

Capturing the beauty of my plants in a different light evolved from not knowing what day it was, into a 100-day exploration of the calm and joy of working and cultivating images in my garden.




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October 06, 2022 — Leanne Pearce