Artist | Remy Taylor

With an endless quantity of half-filled sketchbooks and small paintings with no particular purpose, Remy’s youth was governed by a desire to avoid dead-end jobs for the rest of her life and to be a professional artist. Remy’s crude childhood scribbles were stowed away by her hard-working parents only to be brought out many years later to demonstrate her love of art may have begun as a hobby but was always going to be her career path.

Surrounding herself with paint and pencils for more than 20 years, art has been Remy’s solace for times struggling with anxiety, or loneliness felt after her best friend moved to Arizona. For the last 8 years Remy has been working as a professional creative. 

Painting from the memories of places visited across the South-West USA loosely across the canvas, they are vague, but rich reminders of connections with her friend abroad. The soft peach pinks, ice blues and sage greens all dance together in a slow peaceful way.

Visions of moody, classily posed and highly detailed oil portraits of her loved ones watching over Remy lure her to her stack of unopened blank canvases encouraging her to morph them into something hauntingly beautiful.