Photographer | Trent Szmolnik

Melbourne-born photographer, Trent Szmolnik has cultivated a distinctive portfolio specialising in travel, landscape, and street style photography. His lens not only captures images, but narratives that resonate with a global audience.

Trent's work has garnered attention from noteworthy brands including Canon, Contiki and Sydney Airport marking his presence as a reputable artist in the field.

Delving into the heart of natural landscapes, Trent's sharp eye for detail uncovers the distinctive charm in each location. His visual storytelling weaves a fabric of emotions and experiences, inviting viewers to connect with the world through his lens.

Trent most enjoys capturing the calmness and natural beauty of Australian coastal areas, especially during the early morning hours when the world is still waking up. The magic of sunrise is something truly meditative, fuelling his creative spirit and deepening his connection with the art of photography.