Let's get started!

Add a piece of masking tape to the wall in an estimate of what you feel is the centre point of the wall.

Take into consideration if your artwork needs to be above a couch, hallway table or furniture.

Measure the wall from left to right to identify the centre point of the wall. Move the tape to the centre and mark the tape with a pencil.

Visualise where the best height for the artwork will be and mark the wall with masking tape. Height can vary depending on the occupants of the house.

Hold artwork up and get someone to visualize if looks to be at the correct height.

Measure the distance from the top of the hook to the top of the frame.

Deduct this measurement from your estimate of the top of your frame centre point and mark the wall with another piece of masking tape. Ensure this is the same as your centre point. You should now have three pieces of tape on the wall.

Double check measurements of hooks and a good tip is to tape up the hooks, so they sit flat against the back of the artwork for measuring.

Measure the centre point of the hooks from left to right across back of the artwork to identify the distance of the centre of each hook across the back of the artwork. (eg 900mm)

Halve this measurement (now 450mm) and mark the wall with this measurement to the left and right of the centre point of your middle marking on the wall.

Double-check measurements from floor level or ceiling height to ensure both points are the same.

Drill holes into the wall. If drilling into timber, you can use hooks. If drilling into gyprock walls, then wall mates need to be used.

Add hooks to the wall and remove tape markings.

Hang artwork and double-check levels by eye or with a spirit level.
    When the last nail is drilled into the wall and your piece of art is levelled out, pour yourself a well-deserved cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy.
    For our installation, we used David Robinson's Marlin Art Services.
    David Robinson | Marlin Art Services | M: 0407 824 744
    Delivery & Installation (Noosa to Ballina)
    September 20, 2023 — Leanne Pearce