FINEPRINTCO has just launched a carefully curated collection of "B-Size" (or mini) Slim Aarons and Artist Edition prints.

B-Size | Framed Sizes

Slim Aarons
B: 390 x 485mm

Artist Editions
B: 440 x 520mm 



Styling With Small-Size Prints

Gallery Wall
A gallery wall is created by incorporating small pieces of art with larger works and decor pieces.  This style creates beautiful layers and gives a room a personalised look.  An effective gallery wall can consist of a mix of artwork types - don't be shy about combining art prints, photographs, canvas works and decor items.

Art Ledges
Photo ledges and mantlepieces are an amazing way to display lots of art and decor, especially smaller artworks.  Mixing and matching your art and object decor creates an interesting design nook.  Plus, you don't need to bother with hammers and nails and can mix and match regularly.