Aboriginal Art Prints

The FINEPRINTCO Aboriginal Art Collection showcases indigenous cultural values and their connection between ancestry and traditional lore. These aboriginal art prints tell stories of ancestors, and a love of country, by some of Australia’s most award-winning aboriginal artists.


FINEPRINTCO is honoured to support both established and emerging aboriginal artists ensuring financial support directly to the artist. Original works are sourced from artists living and working in rural and remote communities all over Australia and the Torres Straight region, and many of our aboriginal art collection prints are also limited editions prints.

We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which we are situated paying our respects to all of their descendants both past, present, and emerging and recognise their continued connections to our community and country.

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Australian Indigenous Art Prints

Not only does neutral aboriginal art offer an opportunity for unique, gorgeous art on your walls, but it's also a way of honouring the custodians of the land on which we live, and directly supporting the indigenous people of Australia. Acknowledge our history and make a stand with an aboriginal art print from FINEPRINTCO. Our large or small aboriginal art collection includes works from the most talented and well-known indigenous artists in Australia, both famous classic pieces and limited edition works, and provides a way to offer direct financial support to the artists and their communities. Find established and award-winning aboriginal artists alongside upcoming newcomers in our store, and shop aboriginal art ethically, in a way that supports instead of harming our indigenous communities. You're also guaranteed to receive top-quality Australian fine art prints in handcrafted frames.

Our Art Consultants Can Help You Choose Aboriginal Wall Art in Australia

Have you always wanted to own a piece of indigenous wall art, but aren't sure what to choose? Our in-store and online art consultants are here to help you out. We'll help you choose the perfect piece from one of the finest collections of Aboriginal wall art Australia has available. Our knowledgeable specialists can advise on the work of different artists and offer insight into their artwork and their lives as artists in Australia. Choose from a wealth of high-quality original art pieces together with a carefully curated selection of high-end prints including limited edition, signed prints.

We can also help if you've chosen one of our large Aboriginal art prints but aren't quite sure how it will look on your wall. We offer our Wall Art Mock Up service, where you can upload a photograph of the intended display area and we will show you how it will look in situ. It's a really simple process and you'll get a much better idea of how a certain piece will enhance your walls, whether you're looking for indigenous wall art for your home or a corporate setting.

All Sizes of Aboriginal Art Prints Delivered Direct to Your Door - Worldwide!

If you're looking for small or large Aboriginal art prints, you will find what you need right here at FINEPRINTCO. Our selection is one of the best in Australia. But just because you don't live in Australia doesn't mean you have to miss out on this amazing artwork. We can ship our prints anywhere in the world via our DHL couriers. We do have to ship our prints unframed, but we think you'll agree it's a small price to pay to have a piece of genuine indigenous wall art by some of the most respected Aboriginal artists in Australia. If you are located in Australia, then you can choose to have your print framed by one of our framing specialists. We offer a selection of high-quality frames in white, black and Scandi finishes.

Of course, if you live close to one of our showrooms, you're more than welcome to come and see the artwork for yourself before you buy. We'll be more than happy to see you. Our gallery showrooms are located in Brisbane, Sydney and on the Gold Coast, so be sure to pay a visit to see one of the best collections of Aboriginal wall art in Australia.

The Story of Aboriginal Art Prints

The Aborigines settled in Australia 60,000 to 80,000 years ago, and that's how far their rich culture dates back. The aboriginal culture included using ochres to draw art on rocks, their skin and in dirt and sand. We have findings of such art which date back 40-60,000 years. Since they don't have a written language, the Aboriginal people of Australia have always used visual art to convey their stories and pass them down for generations. The art has always been centred on storytelling and was used to tell important stories to preserve their culture and teach lessons, such as survival, moral lessons or how to use the land.

In the 1930s, aboriginal art was made into paintings for the first time. The first exhibition was held by Albert Namatjira, the most famous early aboriginal artist. The modern Aboriginal art movement began in earnest in the 1970s, when schoolteacher Geoffrey Bardon encouraged some Aboriginal men to paint their stories on canvas. For the first time, aboriginal artists painted their stories on Western materials like canvases and boards.

Contemporary Indigenous Art prints

Since Aboriginal canvas prints first started being made in the 70s, this art movement has only grown in popularity and esteem. Today it's one of the most unique art forms we have in this country. Aboriginal art still tells stories, and an interesting fact is that aboriginal artists are only allowed to paint stories they have permission to, stories which they inherit through their families. Some contemporary aboriginal artists that have made a huge impact on the art scene include Jorna Newberry, Daniel Boyd and many more.

Support Our Artists' Aboriginal Canvas Prints

It can be hard to shop ethically these days, including in the art scene. But FINEPRINTCO offers an opportunity to not only own gorgeous indigenous art prints, but to directly support Aboriginal artists at the same time. We know how important it is to acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which we are situated and pay our respects to all of their descendants both past, present, and emerging. So, when you purchase an indigenous art print from us, a portion of the profit goes directly to the artist and is invested back into the Aboriginal community. Not only can you find well-known and award-winning artists in our store, but you can also support new and upcoming artists and help them start their careers.

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