Free Art Consulation

Are you trying to figure out which piece of artwork would look best in your home? Whether you should choose realism or abstract, vibrant colours or monochrome? The reality is that most of us would love to incorporate artwork into our homes but don't have the knowledge to choose the right pieces on our own. But there's no need to stress - here at FINEPRINTCO, we have you covered. By taking advantage of our free art consultation, you can enlist the help of our experts and find that perfect piece for your space. Read More

Choose the Right Piece of Art for Your Home with an Art Consultant

We understand the importance of an art consultation when shopping for your home. Every space is unique, everyone's approach to style and décor is individual and every image invokes a different emotion. We believe that artwork can really make or break a room. It can complete your look or clash with your aesthetic. So unless you are an art expert, don't leave it to chance. Simply speak to our team to ensure that you choose the right piece.

We Have Art Consultant Experts in Store

We have art consultants in Brisbane, Sydney, and the Gold Coast so you can shop fine art prints in Australia confidently no matter where you are situated. Simply pop into the store or head online to book your art consultation in Sydney or further up the east coast.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for Artwork

No matter your design scheme or style preference, there are many factors that our experts will consider when shopping for artwork. These include:


Our home décor is a representation of ourselves so it's important for you to connect with the pieces that you are introducing into your home. An art consultant in Sydney, Brisbane or the Gold Coast will help you to find a piece that sets the mood and invokes certain emotions such as comfort in the bedroom and energy for the living room.


It goes without saying that placement is an essential factor to consider when choosing artwork. Do you need a colourful vibrant piece as a focal point in a neutral space or something that will simply provide a finishing touch to an already filled room? Our team will work alongside you to understand your space and ensure you choose the perfect piece.


Turn your ordinary walls into an extraordinary work of art. There are plenty of fantastic ideas that will guarantee to make any wall, particularly expansive walls look gorgeous and add a personalised touch to your space. Diptychs are a set of two artworks you can use to tell a story and emphasise a theme. Or you can create one composition using two entirely different images. If you have a larger space, think about triptych art! It's a sweeping display of one continuous image divided into 3 pieces or compositions using three entirely different images. Lastly, the French Hang is the perfect way to show off an art collection or a quirky personality. However, choosing the right combination can seem daunting. With a help of our art consultants, we can lay out your chosen art pieces to create a French Hang of your choice.


It's easy to assume that a large piece of art should fill a large space but that's not always the case. An art consultation in Brisbane, the Gold Coast or Sydney will help you to decide whether your room needs a larger single piece or multiple smaller pieces.


What artwork would look best in your space? Would a monochromatic print be the best option or a vibrant indigenous piece? Rest assured that our experts have you covered. We'll ensure that your colour scheme is perfect before you head to the checkout.

And once you've narrowed down your search, why not utilise our mock-up service alongside your art consultancy to understand exactly how our artwork will look in your home before making your final purchase? From start to finish, we ensure that the process is seamless, enjoyable and stress-free!

Our Free Art Consultant Help to Find the Perfect Piece for Your Space

That perfect piece of aboriginal art prints, Bromley art, slim aarons prints, or any other art for your home is in our collections just waiting to be discovered. Book your free art consultation in Gold Coast, Brisbane or Sydney today to get started on your journey. With a diverse selection of artwork and a broad range of artists, you are sure to find something you love with the help of our experts. Read Less