Artist | David Bromley

David Bromley is one of Australia’s most recognisable, accomplished, and innovative artists.

Bold and graphic in his distinct colourful style, David is renowned for his work of the female portrait, the children’s series, butterflies, and birds.

David’s work hints at both innocence and enigma bringing together elements that vacillate between nostalgia and symbolism. Using layering and textural techniques in the expression of his work, David tantalises the viewer with suggestions of veiled meaning.

With an ability to create mesmerising, engaging and joyful works David has been a finalist in many prestigious art prizes, and his works held in numerous public and private collections both in Australia and overseas.

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David Bromley Paintings for Sale in Australia

All Australian art lovers will recognise a David Bromley painting. As one of our most well-known and well-recognised artists, Bromley is an art icon with a distinctive style of painting and sculpture. If you consider yourself an art collector or art lover, you simply need to have at least one of his pieces in your collection. And if you're just getting started in the art scene, Bromley is an excellent place to start. Every art lover who enters your home will be able to recognise his art and understand that you know what you're doing. Plus, his pieces make excellent décor with their gorgeous subjects and interestingly textured and layered style, with subjects and colours that suit different homes and tastes.

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About David Bromley Art

David Bromley is an Australian artist and sculptor. Born in 1960 in England, he immigrated to Australia with his family in 1964 and grew up here. Bromley started his career as a potter and emerged as an artist in the 80s. Since then, he's taken the world by storm and achieved widespread, worldwide acclaim, having over 30 solo exhibitions in Australia alone, while also exhibiting in Europe, the US, South Africa and Asia, and becoming an Archibald Prize finalist on six separate occasions. His most famous works fall into two categories, female nudes and portraits of children. He has painted portraits of celebrities like Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Miranda Kerr, Kylie Minogue and many more. He has also been listed by the Australian Art Collector Magazine as one of Australia's 50 most collectable artists in three separate years, making it a necessity for any Australian art lover to own at least one Bromley painting.

About the Style of Bromley Painting

For those who know anything about art, it's impossible not to recognise a Bromley. Common subjects include children, birds, butterflies and female nudes. Bromley likes to portray a certain whimsy and uses different mediums to do this, but there's a thread that runs through all his work. Bromley art is figurative, daringly coloured and executed with graphic intention, as described by Bromley & Co themselves. Some of the most distinctive features are the texturing and layering of his pieces, as well as his use of colour. You can clearly see the inspiration that Bromley takes from children's books and pop culture, including Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Glen Baxter. All of this has contributed to making Bromley one of the most recognisable artists in Australia, and someone every art connoisseur is aware of.

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