Artist | Goompi Ugerabah

Goompi is a proud tribal man who has traces his Aboriginal lineage as far back as possible to Piabla in Queensland.

Upon European contact and settlement, his two female ancestors, were gathered from the same region and placed on the Pialba mission. Both women found themselves being shifted to the Tweed Heads region in NSW where it became their new home.

The generations that came after, were born and have lived on Minjungbal tribal land, remaining in the area ever since. Goompi was born on neighbouring Kombumerri tribal land of the Gold Coast, Qld, where he has lived between these two tribal areas all his life.

As a young teen, Goompi was taught to paint by a few local elders who had cultural connections to the area and knowledge of storylines to pass on. Practicing his culture now for over 20 years, Goompi has continued to share these stories with their permission, through his art and storytelling. The stories of Goompi’s skin father are expressed in detailed intricate dot patterns and fluid line work, combining neutral landscape tones with the vivid hues of the rainforest and coastal habitat.

Goompi is inspired by his connection to Kombemerri country where Goompi was born and raised. A proud tribal man, Goompi pays his respect to his mentors and is dedicated to presenting his culture in various artistic forms such as dance and visual expression.

Awarded the prestigious Paddington Art Prize in 2023, Goompi is committed to sharing his culture on canvas which is as much a spiritual practice as it is a creative expression of storytelling.