Artist | Jane Hoggard

I am inspired by history, my childhood, culture, my children and the world I see - the ground in front of me! Birds, boats and the bush are a mainstay for my drawing practice. I tend to capture landscape scenes and detailed botanical line drawings as a regular practice.

With a rich heritage of Yorkshire ancestors, I was surrounded by creative master potters and wares within our family’s chinaware business. Our home was a still life setting, complete with Dutch oil paintings at every turn and chinaware on every surface. I was surrounded by retro textiles and fabrics of my Dutch cousins in our first home in New Zealand. I am drawn to the calming lines of vintage furniture and architecture. Danish glassware and homewares bring me joy for their simplistic lines and earthy palette.

My work is a collection of these family experiences and memories. Inter-woven between history and the present, my heritage and present life, my work has been painted with elements of joy, sadness and pensive thought.