Artist | Rosetta Santucci

Having spent over a decade experimenting with applications like jewellery and textile design, it was a natural progression for Rosetta Santucci to start painting. Her background in costume for film and television and a passion for textiles - primarily tribal and ethnic designs - has influenced her painting style. Santucci is self-taught, and it has only been through practice and time that she has nurtured her style. 

Santucci grew up in the Barossa Valley surrounded by vineyards and wide open spaces, and in doing so, developed a deep concern with natural forms connected to life - plants, bones, feathers, hills, trees and stones. More and more she realised that her paintings are a path of self-discovery and an expression of life experiences.

As an artist she understands that nature and life have a lot to offer. This body of work is a continuation of her journey through the landscape. Expanses of land gridded by man and nature. Snapshot memories - recent and childhood –map out her own personal vision. 

Rosetta Santucci’s work is featured in the Australian drama Offspring and showcased on Design Files and Design Sponge. In addition, her work has also been published in The Age Melbourne Magazine, Real Living and My Home magazines.