Photographer | Sean and Kat

Sean and Kat are Melbourne based photographers who love the chase for the next image. Fascinated by the way people live, the things that make us human, the differences but also the similarities we all share. While they both share similar interests photographically, they each have their own style that complements each other.

Sean adds "Kat learnt in the darkroom with film cameras and really searches out her images in a thoughtful classic way with strong composition. I on the other hand am very much a digital boy. I shoot very instinctively and often come away having shot way too many images! I think we both learn off each other a lot of the time".

The streets of New York hold a very special place for them. The scale, its unrelenting energy and hustle, the grit but most of all, it's characters. There are worlds within worlds, no matter who you are, what you love, whatever inspires you in the most, you will find it in its purest form in this city. Full of chaotic beauty in the best possible way. White the scale is obvious, the true beauty is in the detail, in the shadows.

New York is not just a concrete jungle, the people is what makes it New York. The passion, the energy and the soul they bring to the streets is what keeps them coming back.