in collaboration with Goompi Ugerabah 
Gallery One & FINEPRINT co represented artist 

We, like everyone else, have been saddened to see the devastation caused by the fires across Australia. Our thoughts are with all those affected and those working around the clock to keep people and our wildlife safe.

June of 2019 was the dawn of a devastating, damaging and heart-breaking disaster. With the entire lower half of the country’s Eastern coast set alight and reduced to ash by the time December arrived, Australia continues to burn in the spotlight of global attention.

Our record-breaking temperatures of 49⁰ C, an ongoing drought that has claimed the lives of farmers and their livestock and even acts of arson gave way to the major blazes and their tornadoes of smoke, seen from New Zealand and even outer-space. Despite our best efforts to regain control, their power and speed razed our resources and destroyed a total of 3,000 homes and buildings, 12,000 livestock, an estimated 4.8 million lives of precious wildlife and 15 million acres (23,000 square miles). 25 human lives have been lost so far, including 3 volunteer firefighters, with several still unaccounted for.

A score of renowned celebrities and people of notoriety have donated millions upon millions over the past few weeks, along with many charitable residents of not only Australia but overseas patrons alike. We, like millions of others, have been saddened to see the devastation extending over Australian land. Our thoughts are with all those affected and those working around the clock to keep our families and our wildlife safe. To show our respects and take part in this inspiring movement, we want to contribute to the relief efforts currently in place as a response to the losses our country has experienced.

In collaboration with Aboriginal Gallery One artist Goompi Ugerabah, his very relevant painting “Burning off the land”, painted last year for his solo exhibition at Gallery One, has been reproduced as a limited edition print of only 100 in total. These 100 prints will raise money for Firesticks Alliance Indigenous Corporation and the Rural Fire Service.

100% of all monies raised will go towards the Firesticks organisation and the RFS.


Goompi Ugerabah - Jahlow Yarunya

"Burning off the land" 

Jahlow yarunya (travelling fire)
Goompi Ugerabah
Limited Edition print of 100
Image Size: 400 x 572mm

Burning off the land” tells the story of Goompi’s people who have cared for and protected the land for thousands of years.

Depicting my peoples tribal burn off customs to regenerate the land. We knew the land and knew when to burn off. Sometimes we had to do twice a year. But we made that judgement when necessary. Most of our native growth needs fire to germinate the seeds. With only a minimal amount of water afterwards to start the new growth. This was an important part of our relationship with the land and maintaining sustainability." - Goompi Ugerabah, 2019

It is only a small gesture but we hope that these proceeds will contribute and assist in these vital and ongoing relief efforts. Please follow this link to purchase the fine art limited edition print of "Burning off the land" by Goompi Ugerabah.

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For more information on Goompi Ugerabah original artwork, please contact Gallery One


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January 09, 2020 — BoostCommerce Collaborator