Frances 'Fran' Miller is a Sydney born photographer now living on the Gold Coast of Australia. Specialising in fine art surf and water photography, Fran has been published in a variety of international editorial publications as well as being ubiquitous online and across social media channels having worked with a large number of world renowned surfers. Fran is a regular contributor to The Inertia and World Surf League.

"Instinctively I enjoy taking photographs that leave the viewer with more questions than answers. I am a surfer and I am passionate about the ocean, but I crave creating pieces that explore moods and feelings rather than being solely documentative, whilst still using surfing and the ocean as my medium.

I take diverse and somewhat incoherent inspiration from a wide spectrum of artists such as Caravaggio, Bernini and Munch as well as photographers like James Welling and John Chiara. Going forward, I am truly excited to test and explore the evolution of photography in surfing, and hopefully leave my audience perplexed, questioning and reflective."


Check out Frans Collection on FINEPRINT co or take a look at her website for more prints and news.

March 01, 2018 — Leanne Pearce