1. How did you get into photography? 

My Aunty Jean. Whenever she would visit from the UK I would be fascinated with her love around photography. Watching her capture sunsets on the beach at Byron, and the waves crashing at the light house. She would stitch her film images together to make a panoramic of landscapes. I was so intrigued by the process of finding the beauty in the moments that people pass by every day. Her passion led me to study photography at Griffith University in Brisbane. 




2. What inspires you? 

Definitely my background as a Synchronised Swimmer; knowing personally the feelings I am wanting to capture with my time being of synchronised swimmer and competing myself. The ladies I capture are of course a huge inspiration for me too, they are my muses. I also get inspired by fellow creatives, and past photographers and fine artists. Peter Lindbergh’s work is timeless and I just love his emotive imagery. 


3. What is unique about the Francesca Owen ’Signature Series’? 

The Signature series, more so like no other, focuses on the fine lines, the flow, the greyscale which I use to capture the human form. It lends the viewers a sense of calmness. My signature series is about reducing the clutter, the noise and focusing on the feeling it gives you, to be in the present moment; this message has never been so relevant. 




4. Where do you see your Photography heading in the future? 

 What I enjoy at the moment is finding the synergy between my previously seperate artistic modalities. That is to say in the past I have been a wedding photographer, fine art photographer, olympic synchronised swimmer and performer, and model for Chic. All of the endeavours come from the artistic matrix yet always felt distinct and seperate. Now I am enjoying finding how my unique aspects can meld between those so that my audience can recognise my work despite the media they’re experiencing. More to come! 



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November 05, 2021 — Leanne Pearce