Sunrise, and its promise of a new day dawning, the chance to pause and reset, is at the heart of Vogue’s new global initiative. This month, 27 editions of Vogue unite for the September issue on the theme of New Beginnings. It is an opportunity to reflect on what we, as communities around the world, have learnt from a time of great unsettling and change.

As part of the project—which will incorporate accompanying immersive content series across digital, video and social reaching an audience of more than 264 million—print covers for the Vogue September issue have interpreted the sun’s power. The sun, of course, a symbol of hope, togetherness and a new way to move forward.



“I have never been more proud than I am of this cover: a beautiful woman and her baby girl before an Australian sunrise. So raw and so stunning, full of meaning, and pointing to new beginnings, which are calling us all,” Edwina McCann, editor-in-chief of Vogue Australia, says in her opening letter of the issue, which features Magnolia Maymuru, a proud Yolngu woman, an actress and a model, and her baby Djarraran, shot on Turimetta Beach, New South Wales, at 7:22am.



“New Beginnings is an expression of optimism—one that speaks to the changes going on in fashion, and the way the industry is becoming more sustainable, more inclusive, and more global,” she says, “It says how excited we are about these shifts, how profound they are, and how joyful it is to see an industry renew itself in this way. And Vogue is thrilled to celebrate that.”

Vogue’s ‘New Beginnings’ project is the third worldwide initiative to unite all editions under one theme. It follows the 'Creativity' issue in January 2021, and the 'Hope' issue in September 2020.

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January 05, 2022 — Leanne Pearce