New Artist Edition | Up Close and Coastal Collection.

Inspired by coastal tidal patterns and warm days, this collection of textural artworks has evolved from my curiosity for playing and exploring with paper and patterns in nature. The works are often layers of pencil, paint, charcoal, pastel, paper, printmaking, and hand-made objects that have been morphed into forms that resemble patterns in nature.

Earlier this year, my art studio was affected badly by flood waters whilst we were away.  At the time, our friends Megan and Dave who own Villa Samudera in Bali, were on a holiday and housesitting our home, but it turned in to a flood management event.  They took it upon themselves to save many of my art papers and if it wasn’t for their quick thinking many of my treasures wouldn’t have survived and this series wouldn’t exist today.  I dedicate this series to them.



Up Close and Coastal IX by Marilyn Wallace-Mitchell


Artist Story.

After a long and successful career as an Interior Designer, Marilyn has shifted her focus to her lifelong passion, art making.   In addition to her personal practice as an interior designer, Marilyn studied Visual Arts majoring in painting, printmaking, drawing and 3D Studies for three years at Byron School of Arts, New South Wales.

Marilyn has the pleasure of living steps away from the beautiful beaches and coastline of northern New South Wales. Her daily inspiration comes from nature’s unique and never-ending ability to create countless forms, textures, impressions, and mark making. 

“My current art practise and exploration is works on paper. Using a combination of mono-printing and mark making, I use a combination of paper textures, coloured inks, charcoal, pastels, pencil, collage, and engravings to create each piece”.


Up Close and Coastal III by Marilyn Wallace-Mitchell

June 30, 2022 — Leanne Pearce