Slim Aarons

The Complete Slim Aarons Collection

FINEPRINTCO is the Exclusive Agent for Getty Images Gallery in Australia and New Zealand and therefore the only company with exclusive access to the entire collection of original Slim Aarons negatives held in the archives at Getty Images.

The original black and white negatives and colour transparencies are individually tested and printed in the Getty Images Archive darkroom on professional grade resin paper or as Colour C-Type Prints, notable for their continuous tone and vibrant colours.

Compared with standard inkjet prints from a digital file, these Colour C-Type Prints offer a truer representation of the original image in both colour matching and definition. All Slim Aarons prints are embossed with 'Getty Images Archives' and comes with a certificate of Authenticity.
Who was Slim Aarons?


Over the course of a career lasting half a century, Slim Aarons (1916-2006) portrayed high society, aristocracy, authors, business icons, the celebrated and their milieu.


Slim Aarons worked mainly for society publications, taking pictures of the rich and famous both before and after serving as a photographer for the US military magazine Yank during World War II.

Island Life

Antigua, Exuma, Jamaica, St Barts, Turks and Caicos, Nassau, Mustique: as these photographs show, there is scarcely an island where Slim hasn’t snapped photographs first, then swam, tanned and yachted.


Italy reopened its post-WWII doors in 1948 and a flood of stars poured into Rome. Sensing a story, editors at Life sent Slim Aarons there to open a new bureau.

Super Sized

FINEPRINT co in conjunction with our partner GETTY Images, is proud to announce the release of our new addition to our exclusive Slim Aarons Collection - Oversized Slim Aarons Canvases!


Slim Aarons may be known as the quintessential lifestyle photographer, but he would be the first to admit that women were his number one subject. Slim tirelessly photographed the local beauties and style icons.