Artist | Angus Martin

A self-described introvert, Angus’ pieces are inspired by music and a daydream state where his creativity is fueled. Everything about Angus exudes that free-spirit energy you’d expect from a visual artist. ‘Everything happens for a reason – there are very few coincidences’ he reflects ‘If you can start to recognize the reasons, you can find deeper meaning, not just in life, but in art too.’

The deep emotional resonance of his works belies a simple approach to figurative art, with Angus relying on fragmented shapes to piece together cohesive forms. With a focus on the psychology behind colours, Angus balances contrasting shades to strengthen the impact of his work and evoke emotions from his audience. His paintings are highly symbolic, harmonious, and unexpectedly emotional. The artist’s goal is to initiate an emotional response that people can relate to from their own experiences, as every piece holds positive hidden meaning and symbolism which acts as a daily reinforcement to the viewer.

‘I’m inspired by music and colour. I draw a lot of inspiration from music and lyrics. I always listen to music when painting, it can resurface certain memories attached with heightened emotion, good or bad, and even as the importance of particular memories fade, the emotion attached to the music remains. Particular songs can have a transportive effect, and I’ll listen to a song on repeat whilst painting to focus on that specific memory. Once I have gained a sense of the symbolism behind a piece, I will then select colours which strengthen the memory behind the artwork.’