Artist | Simone Piccioni

Born and raised in Rome, Simone graduated from the Rome Academy of Fine Arts and began his career imitating the paintings of Joan Mirò and Vincent Van Gogh.  

Simone’s career however took an important detour in acting after landing the lead role in a feature film. This role led to many opportunities in the Italian entertainment industry, merging other artistic disciplines such as theatre, photography, and filmmaking — each one enriching his artistic creativity in unique ways.  

Having recently completed a successful TV series, Simone visited Australia on vacation, and was so taken with its beauty that it inspired him to return to his true passion of paints and brushes.

Van Gogh said, “The only time I feel alive is when I paint”, but this is a phrase well associated with Simone’s philosophy. In 2005 he began to professionally exhibit his art, quickly becoming one of the premiere figurative Roman artists thanks to his evocative paintings of his hometown city of Rome.  

Over the years Simone has committed himself to show how beautiful our society is in his paintings, or more so how he wishes it would be seen, even in its supposed ugliness, there is always beauty seen.   

Now living and working in Sydney, today Simone’s paintings have been acquired by important private collections such as the Prince of Qatar, President of Italy, and Bulgari.  Original works have been acquired or commissioned to adorn many European government buildings and palaces, including the Italian President Napolitano and luxury residences worldwide.

Renowned Italian artist Paolo Giorgi describes Simone’s landscapes as “a totemic sun illuminates by slanting cuts, or blazes up to crumbling distances or dazzling dense scrub, a place of poetry and enchantment, where Piccioni settles and indulges willingly. Endless spaces are for Piccioni a wandering among itineraries with idyllic stops where one perhaps wishes to linger in a contemplative restlessness.” 



2022 - Hunter's Hill Regional Art Prize - Winner

2022 - Doug Moran Portrait Prize - Semi-Finalist

2022 - Sunshine Coast Art Prize - Finalist

2022 - Bluethumb Still Life Art Prize - Finalist

2022 - Percival Portrait Prize – Finalist

2022 - Lethbridge 20000 Small Scale Online Art Prize – Finalist

2022 - Muswellbrook Art Prize - Finalist


2022 - Still time, Frances Keecvil, Studio W, Sydney

2022 - Dei Fiori, Frances Keevil Gallery Online, Sydney
2021 - Momenti di Luce, Frances Keevil Gallery, Sydney
2020 - Ombre contra Luce, Villa Principe Leopoldo, Lugano, Switzerland
2018 - Madre tela Padre colore, Museo Diocesano di Albano, Rome
2017 - Ego Assolvo, Il Frantoio, Capalbio
2015 - Promenades Romaines at the Biblioteca Angelica, Rome
2014 - La deliziosa solitudine at the historic Palazza Sforza Cesarini in Genzano di Roma, Rome 2012 Il Polittico Gallery, Rome
2009 - Il Polittico Gallery, Rome
2005 - Le tele tolte, Calcata
2004 - Museum of the Infiorata, Genzano

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