THANK YOU to everyone that attended this incredible SOLD OUT event at The Calile Hotel..and for your generous support and energy!
Wow what a night!
After what seemed like an eternity of crisis after crisis - we experienced a rush of pure joy at our Kate Ceberano event, brought to you by FINEPRINTCO & BRAVE.
We could not have done this without the incredible talent of Kate Ceberano and Kathleen Halloran - and the support of Chris and his team from Brave Agencies and Carla and her team from Mummy's Wish.
An amazing singer and talented artist, Kate's generous support for Mummy’s Wish was at the heart of the event and much needed funds were raised. 
The entire framed print collection that was displayed, sold out on the night. Kate signed each and every Limited Edition print on the spot and spoke to each buyer personally...all through the night!
We can’t wait for the next collection!
Congratulations to our Auction winner Sarina Russo and all the winners and guests that purchased raffle tickets on the night....we raised over 15k for a great cause @mummyswish!!

About the collection: Like most, concert tours for this iconic artist were impacted in 2020 and 2021, but that didn’t stop Kate expressing her talent and connecting with fans. Kate’s artistic focus turned from singing to painting during the multiple lockdowns – telling stories visually through sight, rather than sound – creating a limited-edition art collection appropriately titled Unsung Songs.

Kate said, “I was singing through my brush onto a canvas in lieu of a microphone and an audience. Nothing else really compared to the magic of live performance except for painting.”

This limited-edition art collection inspired by nature, textiles and places of past tours is available exclusively through FINEPRINTCO.

If you missed out on purchasing one of Kate Ceberano's Limited Edition works on the night, you can still view and shop the "Unsung Songs" Collection here:

Kitsune (left) and Blue Hawaii (right) by Kate Ceberano

March 14, 2022 — Leanne Pearce