An Elegant, Stylish Getty Images Collection

This stunning new “Black and White” wall art collection from Getty Images brings a sophistication to any space.  Featuring yesteryear’s socialites, celebrities, famous brands and a decadent lifestyle all exquisitely captured on film.

From candid shots of Marilyn Monroe, to the Beatles playing Peek-A-Boo, to publicity shot of Cary Grant and Grace Kelly from the film “To Catch a Thief”. This is a nostalgic series of prints that will create an ambience that is classy and powerful.

Black and White wall art is compatible with most decor and colour schemes, in fact, it often attributes a level of elegance to any setting.  This collection from Getty Images is designed to invoke this emotion both through the depth of black and white images and renowned subject matter.  

If you have a love for the silver screen and the stars of that period, you will find prints of Sophia Lauren, James Dean, Brigette Bardot, Paul Newman and Elizabeth Taylor.  Bond, James Bond - find several images taken of those starring in the 007 films. 

One of the prints shows James Dean and Swiss born actress Ursula Andress in attendance at  the Thalian Ball.  This event was hosted at Ciro's nightclub in Los Angeles, California on 29 August 1955. Tragically, this photo was taken only one month prior to James Dean’s death.

If music is more your speedcollect images of Elvis, Dean Martin & Frank Sinatra, John Lennon, Louis Armstrong, Barbara Streisand, Bob Marley and Tina Turner.

Maybe it’s more about the place or the item than the person, are you looking for the Rockefeller Center, Cafe De Flore in Paris, or the Carlton Hotel? Maybe it’s the Chevrolet Corvette or the Maserati you desire on your wall.

Black and White wall art and photography is brilliant at drawing the viewer in.  This photographic style removes distractions of colour that can take away from the intended focus or subject matter the photographer is highlighting.  When viewing these images, our eyes are drawn to the detail of the subject matter, the emotion, the composition, highlights and contrasts.  

When viewing black and white wall art, there are several aspects that can be found in these amazing shots, including contrast, shape, composition, tone, shadow and texture. Each of these aspects work together, creating the impact that comes with this technique.  Make a statement with your next wall print, and bring a touch of old world glamour to your space.

If you would like to mix in some colour, feel free to check out our Mid-Century Colour Collection brings iconic photos of the 20th century to life using C-type printing. This process captures warm and vibrant tones that we associate with the era and techniques used at the time.

Regardless of the celebrity or subject matter that you select, you will be transported back in time with our timeless black and white wall art collection. These iconic images have endured and will bring an effortless cool to any collection.

You can browse the collection here
September 30, 2020 — Leanne Pearce