Supporting Renowned Australian Photographers During Covid-19

In late July 2020 Jen Nurick’s article, “Everything to Know About the Vogue Contemporary Collection” announced the launch of a brilliant campaign to support fashion photographers who had been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic.  The Contemporary Collection features 14 leading photographers and a selection of their prints that have been featured in Vogue.

In the article, Jen Nurick, a Fashion Features Writer at Vogue Australia, highlights how many photographers have been out of work since the start of the pandemic.  As Jen so eloquently wrote;

“Now more than ever is a time to treasure their work.”

The purpose of this collection is to get behind these photographers.  To do this, Vogue has put together their range of favourite Australian creatives and their work.  These pieces are highly desirable wall art prints to add a touch of inspiration, style and beauty to your space.

The Vogue Contemporary Collection features 14 leading Australian photographers and their work, which has been featured in Vogue and several have been Cover shots.  To make this collection readily available Vogue has partnered with FINEPRINT CO to ensure that the images are produced to the highest quality.

The featured photographers include;

Byron Spencer
Nicole Bentley
Jake Terrey
James Tolich
Max Papendiek
James Robinson
Jesse Lizotte
Isaac Brown
Charles Dennington
Simon Eels
Sophie Fletcher
Derek Henderson
Cynthia Swanson 
Pierre Toussaint 


Their pictures have helped to define the unique and multifaceted face of Vogue Australia, capturing moments in fashion that have shaped the local and global industry over time.

- Jen Nurick

At FINEPRINT CO we are encouraging everyone to join the Vogue community in supporting some of our Australian talent.  Peruse the vast display of wall art in this collection and discover which works would look great in your living room, your office, or bedroom.  You can view the Vogue Contemporary Collection here.

Vogue Australia then followed up this launch with another spectacular article by Jen Nurick, titled “Decorate Your Home with These Fashion-Forward Prints from the Vogue Contemporary Collection”.

In this article, Nurick cleverly explains the benefits of decorating our home and work spaces to help us navigate the restrictions faced due to Covid-19, and how such an approach also benefits the creators behind such decor.  This time has given us all the chance to ponder the beauty of life and how to enjoy beautiful living.  It has also provided the opportunity to consider the artists who create such beauty, and how they have faced real hardship during this time due to loss of work options.  

The array of photographers and their images within the Vogue Contemporary Collection highlights the talent and richness of their work.  The diversity of their work also illustrates this with pieces around wanderlust, vivid colour palettes, landscapes and intimate portraits.  This collection gives us the opportunity to support these artists by displaying their creativity in our homes and work spaces.  

This is an exciting partnership between Vogue Australia and FINEPRINT CO.  All prints are available for purchase and include a Vogue Australia Certificate of Authenticity.  View the Vogue Contemporary Collection here.

September 04, 2020 — Boost Commerce Collaborator