Francesca Owen's SIGNATURE SERIES - New Collection

Francesca Owen's SIGNATURE SERIES - New Collection

New Release | Francesca Owen's Signature Series.

Francesca’s ‘Signature Series’ is a body of work which focuses on the fine lines, flow and soft muted grey tones which she uses to capture the human form. 

It lends the viewer to a sense of calmness one could only otherwise perceive beneath the surface. Viewing this work allows one to escape the pandemonium of everyday life. It draws the audience into a present moment, which she has captured in time and space to share with you.


NEW ADDITION to Signature Series :

Signature Series #9 by Francesca Owen




Signature Series – Blush

No matter your surroundings, there is a core feeling of ease and unity within the subject. I want the viewer to feel inspired when looking at these images, to feel alive from the movement in the images but also at ease. That could be them in the photograph. The tones are pink and warm, all inviting and soothing.

Captured at a transitional point in my life, I was wanting to showcase the female form whilst also incorporating the moving waters around the subject. There is a sense of busyness to these images, but it's soft and ethereal. 



 Signature Series - Blush 02 by Francesca Owen.


Signature Series – Glisten

Glisten is all about capturing the light of oneself, and not being afraid to shine. A continuation from my red head Series, which was showcased in Paris October 2021 the Glisten series is about self-confidence and embracing your uniqueness and not being afraid to shine. My model is artistic swimmer, Rachel Pressser, a 2020/21 Olympian. Captured in colour with vivid contrast and saturation to reflect the passion and emotion of that inner fire to be whoever you desire to be.



 Signature Series - Glisten 01 by Francesca Owen


Signature Series – New Awakenings

New Awakenings is a series of 3 images signifying the washing away of the old and the beginning of the new, captured in the beautiful waters of Coogee, NSW. The New Awakenings series is about showcasing a fresh start, it’s about the transition of change.

We all have moments throughout life where chapters end, but it’s that choice to plunge back into those fresh waters where you truly feel alive and free; embracing what comes next. This series is in black and white to the highlight the relationship between the water and the female form.


Signature Series - New Awakenings 02 by Francesca Owen.