With the new year underway we are excited to look ahead to what will be trending in 2021

while still coming to terms with all that has happened in Australia and globally in 2020. It’s little wonder that the events of the past year have shaped the trends for the future.

2020 was a year in which we were indoors - we stayed close to home because of fire, flood, and a global pandemic. We couldn’t travel - not only overseas, but for many of us, our immediate location was all that was accessible.

We craved nature because we were confined. When we were allowed outside we made a beeline to our closest link to nature - whether it was our local park, beach or national park. This has heavily influenced the design and decor trends of 2021. Things that remind us of the natural world - water, flora and fauna, a landscape we can no longer see in real life, take pride of place on our walls. Nature Art has always been a popular category, but the previous year has seen a boom in people wanting to create spaces that link the inside to the world outside.


We want our homes to be havens, safe spaces when the outside world is so uncertain. Research has shown that art is able to affect our happiness, and now more than ever we are aware of how important it is to take care of our mental health. Perhaps not traditionally considered as an art, Wellness art has slowly gained recognition, and 2021 sees it on our radar of trends to watch.

The soothing, ethereal nature of ‘Palm Springs Solo’, by Australian photographer Francesca Owen, is the perfect piece to exemplify the wellness trend. The black and white image depicts a figure gliding gracefully underwater; the viewer feels connected to nature and a sense of calm emanates from the artwork. It is also the perfect piece to stand alongside and highlight the colour trends of 2021.


Pantone recently announced their colour of the year, with not one but two shades to bring a message of strength and hopefulness for 2021 - ‘Ultimate Grey’  and ‘Illuminating’ (yellow). “ The two colours - together - are a testament to the ways in which we have joined as friends, family and neighbours to bolster our communities during the COVID-19 crisis”. They are the perfect pairing, with the bright and cheerful yellow offering us the hope of brighter days ahead, while Ultimate Grey is the solid foundation that brings calm and serenity. It is a colour combination that offers resilience and can uplift us. 

In practical terms, the colours of the year also offer versatility, easily paired with so many options. They can feature alongside black and white or neutral tones, as well as a variety of brighter shades to create a grounded, calm interior.

Pamela Honeyfield’s ‘Golden Grass’ highlights just how versatile the Illuminating yellow shade can be. The vibrant strokes and tones in the work are easily paired with neutrals to create a cool and calm oasis with a burst of colour and light.


2021 will also see a shift away from sharp edges and angles, with more of a focus on soft edges and curves. This too plays into the idea that we want to create a warm and safe environment. Like the Danish trend of Hygge, which highlights comfort as a design element, the trend for the year ahead will be to create spaces that are welcoming. The resurgence of retro design trends such as mid-century modern also highlights the move towards softer edges and curves.

One thing is for sure, we are all hoping to put 2020 behind us, but from it we have seen trends emerge that will make our spaces more habitable, comfortable and ultimately more beautiful. Artwork is the perfect way to incorporate the trends of 2021 - with a focus on bringing harmony to our everyday lives. Whether you are taking inspiration from the Pantone colours of the year, wanting to connect your inside spaces with the outside world, or using curves to create a welcoming environment, there are so many options from our vast collection here at FINEPRINTCO that can help bring these trends to life.

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January 21, 2021 — Leanne Pearce